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The best way to get started in the world of climbing is by taking our introductory course.

This course is made up of six 90-minutes sessions that will allow you to get started safely and progressively in this fantastic sport.

We adapt to you!

For people with little experience but interested in extend knowledge. It reinforces and expands the knowledge acquired in the initiation course. The goal is that you can develop within the room autonomously until you can jump to the climbing group. Group sessions are guided by a specialized instructor and with colleagues with the same concerns that you have.

Deepen the technique of hands, feet and upper body with rope climbing and bouldering in a three months lasting course with two weekly 90 minutes sessions.

This is a training group that combines bouldering and sport climbing. This group is for those who have completed the basic course.

Every week there will be a session oriented to bouldering and another to sport climbing.

If you want to train both disciplines and be a complete climber, the Rope climbing Group is the best option!

Bouldering Group is the best way to climb with your friends and get in shape. In this group you will improve your physical, technical and mental abilities as a climber through bouldering and physical sessions with belays.

Specific sessions are available too, so you can improve your performance. If you want to take one step forward in the world of bouldering, this is your group regardless of your level.

Personalized classes are adapted to any type of need. From that person who wants to start, to the one who wants to improve more technical and specific aspects. You can attend classes individually or in a maximum of 4 people.

Personalized classes:

  • – Children: 4-18 years old.
  • – Initiation: For those who have never done climbing.
  • – Evolution: For people with little experience but interested in extend knowledge.
  • – Evolution: For people with little experience but interested in extend knowledge.

For young climbers from 14 to 18 years old. There is no problem if you don’t have previous experience in climbing, you can enjoy juvenile school.

During this course, contents of progression and safety will be reviewed as well as physical condition work.

Climbing School is an afterschool activity for boys and girls with ages between 4 and 13 years old. The groups are divided by age and level, in this way they are able to discover and improve their skills in this sport.

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